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Trained by: Ricky Morton
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 202 lbs.
Began wrestling: 1990
1st ECW TV appearance: 1996
Birthday: 7-31-69
Favorite high flying moves: Springboard Helo, Frankensteiner
Hometown: Waynesboro, VA
Currently resides in: Johnson City, TN.

A fine representation of the younger locker room in Extreme Championship Wrestling, Kid Kash has been turning the heads of ECW's fans and performers alike with his amazing aerial arsenal and his refusal to back down from any challenge.

Debuting in ECW in 1996, Kash spent the year taking his lumps while he gained experience. Returning to ECW this year after nursing a leg injury, Kash soon worked his way up the ladder in the eyes of the fans and ECW management with impressive showing after showing.

When Chris Chetti was injured at the hands of Danny Doring and Roadkill, Kash was the first person Chetti and Nova went to, asking him to form a new team with Nova while Chetti healed. Anxious for the competition, Kash jumped right into the fray, proving how easily he could switch from singles to tag team competition.

When he recently suffered a broken jaw at the hands of the Dupp Family, Kash refused to be removed from his matches by ECW Management, showing the heart of a true future champion.

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This Bio was taken from THE OFFICIAL ECW Program and was compiled by Gabe Programs are available through the website or by calling (215) 775 - 4177. It is used with Gabe's knowledge and not in it's entirity so BUY THE PROGRAM!!!

Roughly 10 years ago a teenage named David Cash was lifting weights as usual at his local gym when wrestlers from a local promotion approached him. They offered the then untrained Kid Kash a spot on the small Tennessee show. It has been a long road from that independant show to main event in ECW.
Kash, who was just an average wrestler and football player in high school, became an accomplished body builder at a young age. His physique and blond hair caught the attention of some local wrestlers. They told him to show up and maybe if there was an extra spot he would be given a match.....

To find out how he came from this point to ECW please buy an ECW Program.

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